Leather Handrails


Out with the old, in with the new - with just a few updates, a simple staircase remodel can completely shift the overall look and feel of your space with minimal effort. Take your commercial or home renovation to the next level with one of our leather wall mounted handrails - custom-built using natural leather.

We start with a wooden or metal base and wrap each handrail in English bridle and natural skirting leather, using a combination of machine and hand stitching that ensures both a quality, lasting product and a pristine finished look. Our leather wrapped handrail is then fitted with custom end caps and matching hardware made from stainless steel or solid brass. Give your staircase renovation an understated elegance with a modern, polished look - or go bold with industrial fittings that give off a steampunk vibe.  

Each of our custom handrails are made to order - contact us via email at info@jayteske.com or via phone at 845.514.2599 to place an order. Production lead time for this product is expected to take an estimated four to six weeks.