With a passion for vintage and antique motorcycles, Jay Teske found his way into custom motorcycle seat upholstery in 2006 after leaving the NYC tattoo trade behind to tour Asia by motorcycle with his wife and business partner, Hadas Liebermann. Over the past decade, Jay has developed a cult following among motorcyclists for handcrafting premium, bespoke leather motorcycle seats and bags. His work has been seen on the Discovery Channel's "American Choppers" and most recently at the 2017 World Wrestling Entertainment championship, for which he was commissioned to construct the title belt.  In 2014, Jay and his wife launched Jay Teske Leather Co. to bring Teske's craftsmanship to a wider clientele. 

Jay Teske Leather Co. is committed to using top of the line hides from the remaining two American tanneries that specialize in bridle leathers. Having visited one of the century-old tanneries in Pennsylvania, Jay had a chance to not only see the tanning process first hand but to meet the workers behind the process. Feeling a strong connection to the leather, the tanning process and the workers behind it all, Jay is able to translate that tangible energy into his leather goods.